ZDATT Amber LED Light Review and Install

Here is a pair of amber LED light you can use for your fog light application on your vehicle. This one is made by the company ZDATT. The color output is 3000K, and puts out a nice amber color. The color temperature is great for penetrating through thick fog and snow. These are very good performing LED lights. Click on the video review to see the design and performance of these lights.

AUTO-VOX M3 Dash Cam & Backup Camera System

Recently I reviewed and installed a backup camera system in my Honda Odyssey that also includes dash camera recording function. This one is made by the company Auto-Vox and it’s called the M3. The kits comes with the backup rearview mirror with the color LCD display embedded behind the glass. There is a camera on the back side of the mirror which records the front view of the vehicle. There is a separate camera you need to install on the back of the vehicle which serves as the backup camera, and to record video from behind the vehicle.

The mirror simply clips onto the existing mirror, and it’s power using the cigarette lighter plug. The installation will take several hours and most of the time is spend routing the wire to the back of the vehicle for the rear camera. You will also to connect to the backup reverse light 12V which is needed to trigger the LCD display to switch to the backup view. The rear camera also has built in white LED which illuminates during nighttime for additional lighting. All in all the unit performs quite well.

Below are the 2 videos for this M3 unit. One is the review and the second video is the installation.

*Note: There is a software update you can install. Please see the description of the Youtube video for instructions.

ORICO Ultra Slim 10000mAh Dual USB Portable Charger

It seems like everywhere you turn these days, there are mobile devices that require charging. It’s not always easy to be tied to an AC outlet everywhere you go. This is where this Orico portable charger come in play to save you from the most desperate time when your phone or tablet is out of battery charge. This device has a 10000mAh internal Lithium Polymer battery. It has 2 USB charge ports which output a max of 2.4 amps (1.2 amps each). You can charge 2 devices simultaneously. This portable charger is also very slim making it easy to take this with you anywhere you go.

oEdRo X3 Series H11 LED Fog Light Install

The oEdRo X3 series light is a new release from this company. First thing you will notice is the design is beautiful. Also the build quality is solid with all metal housing, and glass lens. The LED driver is integrated into the light so you have have any external driver box to deal with.

The base of the socket can also be adjust by rotating it. This is one feature not many other LED lights have. There is also no mechanical fan as the heatsink will handle all the heat dissipation. The light output is a pure white 6000k color temperature. I installed them in my 2017 Pathfinder fog light. Watch the full video review to see the test results.