1. I really enjoy your videos. They are very helpful.

  2. When will you be doing a review on LED high beam lights?

  3. Thank you for your concise videos . You made it easy to try a factory reset on my sharp aquos TV. Unfortunately, I can not get the TV to remain on to complete the second step. (volume down channel down) set turns off an green light blinks before I can get my finger on the Channel Down button. If I do manage to get to the next spring the TV turns off before I can use the arrow keys to go down or up. Any ideas what I could try ? I’ve tried doing the reset 5 times now.

  4. I just subscribe to your page and your videos help me with a recent spark plugs change, question: what is a knuckling sound under driver side when driving; any idea?
    Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    • Juan, sorry for the late response. I can only guess that it may be a problem with the CV axle, or wheel bearing. CV axle will have a clicking sound when turning left or right. Wheel bearing will have a roaring sound while driving and also may get louder while steering to the left or right.

  5. Hi there. I always have liked your videos, and found them very helpful. However, there is one very important thing that you have missed to mention when changing the front engine mount on the nissan quest. I dont know how you managed to remove the 2 lower bolts, but for me I had great difficulty removing the lower bottom bolt, in particular. Had you mentioned to juck up the engine from the teansmission side untill the bolt was lose enoughjust to spine from within the engine mount, it would have been extremly easy to remove it . As you may agree with me, the engine mount is sitting on the bolt with all its weight, and trying to break the torque and remove it would be like trying to crash that same bolt with your teeth. Simply put, virtually impossible. After so many spraying it with PB bluster penetreting oil, blezing it with propane tourch, using braking bar, I gave up and decided to cut the bolt with my mini saw, and chisil. The replacement coast wasn’tthat bad, just $10.So, after learning from my mistake I jacked up the engine untill the upper lower bolt was lose and easily removed it. So, that was realy a very challenging project that I carried out that took me 2 days. Regardles, I am very thankfull for all your kind and helping efforts you have done for all of us.

  6. what is code po420 on a Nissan quest 2005 mini van thank you

  7. Hi first I think this is a good website and some of the video make it so easy,is there a template for the wrench tray some where on your website because I’ve just bought one and like the look of your idea.
    Kevin from England

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