Portable Waterproof Inspection Camera Endoscope TESLONG NTS150RS

This portable inspection camera endoscope is a great tool to have if you work on vehicles. With the long flexible neck, you can reach tight spaces where you normally cannot get to. The camera is very compact and has built in LED for illumination which is very handy. This device can also record videos which you can review later on. The unit uses a 18650 rechargeable battery and can be recharged using the USB cable. If in the future, if necessary, you can replace the battery if needed.

GOOLOO 700A Peak Car Jump Starter – GP180

Here is another great jump starter for your vehicle. If you don’t have one, you need to pick one up as it can be real life saver. If you are in a situation where your car battery is dead, you will not need to find someone with jumper cables to help jump start your car. This device is compact and easy to use. Just connect positive clamp to positive battery terminal, and connect negative clamp to negative battery terminal. Get in your car and start it up. It’s that easy.

Nissan Pathfinder Running Boards Install (Infiniti QX60) 2013 – 2017

Recently I installed running boards on my 2017 Nissan Pathfinder, and the result looks beautiful. The running board I chose has plastic top surface and chrome sides. This is very similar to the OEM Nissan running boards which cost twice as much as this one from Amazon.

The installation time is about 4 hours at a moderate pace. I recommend you organize all the parts first, then sort the front, middle, rear brackets and screws accordingly. Everything went smoothly except for several t-bolts that you need to grind down so it fits the factory holes. Other than that, it’s a pretty easy wrenching job. Watch this video to see the entire installation procedure.

AUTEL DIAGLINK OBDII Diagnostic Scan Tool Review

This OBDII scan tool has a large color LCD display to make viewing the information very easy. The buttons are well laid out for easy navigation. The tool is protected with a rubber case to absorb any shocks. The unit does not require any batteries to operate. Most cars manufactured from 1996 will support OBDII diagnostic.

The tool comes with one free download for a car manufacturer codes. You can purchase additional software downloads if you need it. The benefit of this is you pay for what you need. Also you can stay updated with the latest software. My video review will show you how to update the software.

The tool also have quick access buttons to read codes, and erase codes. If you want to venture into more advanced features, this tool is able to show live data in text or graph.