ORICO Ultra Slim 10000mAh Dual USB Portable Charger

It seems like everywhere you turn these days, there are mobile devices that require charging. It’s not always easy to be tied to an AC outlet everywhere you go. This is where this Orico portable charger come in play to save you from the most desperate time when your phone or tablet is out of battery charge. This device has a 10000mAh internal Lithium Polymer battery. It has 2 USB charge ports which output a max of 2.4 amps (1.2 amps each). You can charge 2 devices simultaneously. This portable charger is also very slim making it easy to take this with you anywhere you go.

ATACTICAL A1S Flashlight

The ATACTICAL A1S flashlight outputs 1150 Lumen, and it’s designed to withstand the toughest abuse. It has an all metal construction and glass lens with a metal belt clip. The included battery inside is a 18650 battery which integrated usb built in charging port. This allows for direct charging using any USB charger and you will not need to buy any special charger. There are 4 brightness setting including SOS mode. It will also remember the last setting you have.

TACKLIFE Multi-Function Rotary Tool – RTD35ACL

Recently I picked up this TACKLIFE multi-function rotary tool. I have been using a rotary tool for many years. I have had a Dremel for over 20 years and it helped me with many great projects. This new one from TACKLIFE comes in a carrying hard case. The build quality is very good and feels solid. There are an assortment of accessories which they have included. This includes a flexible shaft, side handle for extra grip, and a guide for cutting drywall. You also get a box of cutting wheels, saw all drill bits, sanding disk, grinding stone, and tool.

The speed is variable and an easy adjust rotary knob. The chuck has a locking button so you can quickly install and remove different bits. The overall design allows for a comfortable grip when working on your project.

Super Bright Outdoor Solar Light 48 LED – 800 Lumens

This outdoor solar light is a real performer which 48 super bright LEDs. The unit puts out 800 lumens and it’s weatherproof so you can install this anywhere you need additional lighting at night. For me, I installed this on my shed located in the backyard.

Installation is super easy with only 2 screws following the template that is included. There is a photo cell embedded into the top solar cell so it will only turn on during night time. There is also a motion sensing feature so when it detects motion, it will go from dim mode to full brightness. After a period of time, it will go back to dim mode. A very well designed product.