ZDATT Amber LED Light Review and Install

Here is a pair of amber LED light you can use for your fog light application on your vehicle. This one is made by the company ZDATT. The color output is 3000K, and puts out a nice amber color. The color temperature is great for penetrating through thick fog and snow. These are very good performing LED lights. Click on the video review to see the design and performance of these lights.

oEdRo X3 Series H11 LED Fog Light Install

The oEdRo X3 series light is a new release from this company. First thing you will notice is the design is beautiful. Also the build quality is solid with all metal housing, and glass lens. The LED driver is integrated into the light so you have have any external driver box to deal with.

The base of the socket can also be adjust by rotating it. This is one feature not many other LED lights have. There is also no mechanical fan as the heatsink will handle all the heat dissipation. The light output is a pure white 6000k color temperature. I installed them in my 2017 Pathfinder fog light. Watch the full video review to see the test results.

VERY GOOD LED Headlight Upgrade 9006 – SIMDEVANMA C6F

This Simdevanma LED light was installed in my 2008 Honda Odyssey which uses 9006 bulb size. This LED light comes in many different sizes, so check to make sure you get the one that fits your vehicle. On my Honda Odyssey, it has halogen bulb in reflector housing, and I wanted to upgrade to LED without altering the beam pattern than the stock lights.

First thing I did was bench test the light to see how bright and color output. There are 2 LED COB chips on each light. The light output was very bright and very white without any hint to blue. There is a fan at the base of the bulb to cool the light. The unit also has the LED driver integrated into the base of the light assembly (no need for external LED driver box like other brands). The light was warm to the touch and the heatsink and fan kept it operational.

After the bench test, I installed it into my vehicle. Installation was very easy. Just remove the old halogen bulb and install the new LED one with a quarter twist. Turned on the light and immediately saw how well they perform. The light output was white and a good amount brighter than halogen. The most important thing is these lights did not put out anymore glare than the halogen bulb. The beam pattern and top cutoff was the same. The LED one had a beam pattern that was a bit higher than stock but that was easily fixed with the adjustment screw on the headlight assembly. After installing both of them, I went for a test drive and saw a major improvement. You can see the result in my review video.

One thing I want to mentioned, ‘yes’ there are some LED lights on the market which may have higher lumens, but those other lights will give out so much glare and changes the beam pattern so much making it not safe to use. These Simdevanma did not have this problem at all with great light output.

Overall an excellent set of lights and perfect for any reflector housing halogen upgrade. Recommend!


How To Fix LED Turn Signal Hyperflash Issue with Load Resistors

If you ever installed LED lights in your front and back turn signal of your vehicle, you will most likely notice an issue called hyperflash. This is caused by the fact that your flasher relay in your vehicle is designed to see a specific load on a regular filament light bulb. When you install LED lights, the load is much smaller and the flasher relay thinks the light bulb is burnt. The hyperflash is actually a feature to tell drivers that they need to replace the burnt light bulb.

To rectify this problem, I will show you how to install the 7440 load resistors for your Honda. The installation is very quick and easy. All you need to do is install the load resistor in line between the factory wiring harness and the LED light. This will fix any hyperflashing issue you may have. You can purchase the 7440 load resistors in the link below.