AUTO-VOX M3 Dash Cam & Backup Camera System

Recently I reviewed and installed a backup camera system in my Honda Odyssey that also includes dash camera recording function. This one is made by the company Auto-Vox and it’s called the M3. The kits comes with the backup rearview mirror with the color LCD display embedded behind the glass. There is a camera on the back side of the mirror which records the front view of the vehicle. There is a separate camera you need to install on the back of the vehicle which serves as the backup camera, and to record video from behind the vehicle.

The mirror simply clips onto the existing mirror, and it’s power using the cigarette lighter plug. The installation will take several hours and most of the time is spend routing the wire to the back of the vehicle for the rear camera. You will also to connect to the backup reverse light 12V which is needed to trigger the LCD display to switch to the backup view. The rear camera also has built in white LED which illuminates during nighttime for additional lighting. All in all the unit performs quite well.

Below are the 2 videos for this M3 unit. One is the review and the second video is the installation.

*Note: There is a software update you can install. Please see the description of the Youtube video for instructions.

CACAGOO FHD Car Dash Camera Full Review

This CACAGOO Full HD dashcam is a well designed unit featuring the Ambarella A7 chipset. It also has a 2″ LCD display on the back. It features a 170 degree lens with a large aperture of 2.0 for great nighttime recording. It supports HDR (high dymanic range) for good contrast and exposure. The unit has many features such as loop recording, G sensor, plug & play, and parking mode. It supports memory card size upto 64Gb.

OldShark Full HD Dash Camera 3″ LCD & 32GB MicroSD Card

This OldShark Full HD dashcam is a solid unit with all metal constructions. It also has a very large 3″ scratch rsistant LCD display on the back. The dashcam utilize a Novatek NT96650 chipset which provides low power consumption and HD video compression. The lens is a 170 degree wide angle lens which covers what is happening in front you while driving.

The unit has the standard dashcam features such as loop recording, G sensor, plug & play, and capacitor battery. Best of all, it comes with a 32Gb memory card which means you don’t need to spend extra money to buy it. From the video recorded clip, you can see the detail is very good being able to read license plate numbers. The contrast and exposure works well in both daytime and nighttime.

Beschoi HD 1080P 170 Degree Wide Angle Car Dashcam with 2.7″ Display

First thing that stands out is the build quality of this dash cam. This dash cam includes a 32Gb Micro SD memory card which is a bonus because it makes a true plug and play without having to spend more money for a memory card. It has a nice piano black finish on the side, and brushed metal look on the front. This dash cam uses 6 glass lens to provide really good optics for the video recording. On the back of the unit, there is a large 2.7” color LCD for you to view live video and navigate the menu. The buttons are located on the side and the top of the unit.

Once you power up the unit with the include power cable, the dash cam will turn on automatically and begin recording. If your car’s 12V outlet is controlled by ignition, then the dash cam will turn on and turn off with the car’s ignition. The power cable is long enough for any vehicles. The suction cup mount just requires a simple turn of the center knob ¼ turn and it will lock in place.

I have tested this dashcam in both daytime and nighttime and the video quality of the recording has great exposure to show all the details. You can easily see license plate numbers on cars which is important for any dashcams. It shows how well the glass lens perform on this camera. There is a built in G Sensor, so if you have any impact, the video will be locked automatically and saved so it won’t be over written. If you need to copy it over to your PC, you can simply plug that camera to the computer or what I prefer is to remove the Micro SD card and plug it to a card reader on your computer. You will be able to browse through the video clips and view them.

Overall, this dashcam works very well with excellent video quality. With the included memory card, it’s a good buy if you are shopping for a dashcam.